Closer to the interests of both you and your employees


Healthcare, protection, retirement… group insurance is constantly subject to more or less complex legislative changes, regularly impacts the framework of your coverages, requires updates as well as actions for targeted communication to your staff.


Entrusting the study and placement of your coverage to Chevreuse Courtage protects you from any risk with the URSSAF and/or industrial tribunals, while ensuring support for your employees.


Our offerings cover protection, employee healthcare, employee savings, supplementary pension plans, and more.

Employee healthcare


Faced with growing disengagement from social security and the recent regulatory developments establishing the generalization of healthcare coverage in businesses, acquiring supplemental group healthcare coverage presents increasing difficulties for decision-makers.


The financial consequences of an accident or illness are also real threats for employees. Signing up for a group supplemental protection plan that goes beyond the employer’s minimum obligations is a simple solution to protect the human capital of your business.


The solutions offered by Chevreuse Courtage allow you to protect your employees for the long term within an advantageous tax and social framework.

How can you supplement your retirement?

Employees savings, company savings plan, collective pension fund, Article 39, Article 83


Retirement is a major concern for the French and therefore for your employees, aware of the deterioration of the pay-as-you-go system and the continuing decline in the amount of assets in proportion to the number of pensioners.


There are solutions to enable you to supplement the incomes of your employees on pensions. Your company can put group solutions in place to allow employees to build up additional retirement funds with your help under favorable tax conditions.

The corporate savings plan (EPE) and the collective pension fund (PERCO) are optional savings plans open to all employees. They make it possible to build up additional retirement funds. Employee contributions can be matched by your company, up to a limit of 25% of the annual social security ceiling (PASS). The invested sums are exempt from social security charges, income taxes, and capital gains taxes.

A defined-benefit life insurance policy, Article 83 guarantees additional income in the form of a life annuity, fully or partially funded by the company, for all employees or an objective category of employees (management, non-management, etc.).
Enrollment is mandatory, and the contribution rate is fixed at the time of creation of the plan. Employees also have the possibility to make voluntary contributions.
Their contributed sums are unavailable until they retire, except in cases of early release related to certain personal events. Contributions paid by the company and voluntary contributions are deductible from taxable income, up to the limit of the ceilings provided for in the regulations. Contributed savings are exempt from inheritance taxes in case of death before retirement.

This life insurance policy, often reserved for a specific category of employees (managers, executives, etc.), is put in place by the business, which finances it in full. It guarantees the payment of a life annuity of a predefined amount to beneficiaries, provided that they end their career at the company. Sums contributed by the company under this policy are not subject to social security charges or income tax.


These plans are often difficult to understand and optimize. Our specialists help you choose and put in place those that meet the objectives of your social policy.
Because this type of group solutions allows you to enhance the value of your business with your teams and is an effective, sustainable Human Resources management tool, our support is essential for you.