8 reasons to trust Chevreuse Courtage


Complete mastery of professional insurance

Because we insure only the areas in which we are completely proficient, the firm has specialized in two areas since its creation: construction insurance and group protection. In nearly 20 years, we have proven ourselves on complex reinsurance operations or projects considered “uninsurable”. Whatever your problem, we can find the solution!


A unique view of the broker profession

We advocate our own vision of the broker profession, based on defending your interests, personalized monitoring over the long term, and commitment at all times.


Always on your side

Our independence from our partner insurance companies allows us to represent you in implementing your insurance program and assist you when a claim occurs.


Personalized monitoring for a lasting relationship

Trust and proximity define our relationship with our clients on a daily basis. We guarantee personalized monitoring by one of our two partners and a technical sales representative. You will therefore benefit from a personalized relationship with your Chevreuse Courtage advisors for maximum efficiency.


The agility of a human-scale company

Chevreuse Courtage is a human-scale company: our very flexible organization adapts to your needs and processes to bring you responsive, effective service.


Continuous training to ensure informed choices for you

To achieve the high degree of professionalism that characterizes us, we make special efforts in training, which represents 3% of our annual spending.


Unique management software

Chevreuse Courtage has its own management software. Our applications take into account the particular characteristics of group and construction insurance. They represent an essential asset for our clients, especially in archive management.


Claim management on behalf of third parties

We also intervene for occasional needs for management on behalf of third parties, whether they involve construction and/or damage claims.