Rest on solid foundations


Today we insure 300 million euros of works, and we use our sense of innovation, our technical skills, and our mastery of construction law and insurance to serve you.

Our expertise is recognized by the French federation of property developers (Fédération des Promoteurs Immobiliers – FPI), our partner.
We provide coverage for your projects both during the construction period (construction all risks, builder’s liability, anticipated operating losses, erection all risks, etc.) and during the post-acceptance legal guarantees (structural damage, property developer, ten-year liability).

We will also be at your side to cover risks arising from your professional activities, such as ten-year, two-year, or business leader liability.


We are at the service of designers, project owners, project managers, and building companies, regardless of their size…

Analysis, advice, optimization


Our mission: to ensure perfect coverage of your risks under the best pricing conditions. To fulfill this mission, we always perform an overall audit to evaluate your risks precisely. We design customized solutions and select from insurance companies the necessary coverage best suited to your risk-taking at the right price. We provide support and advice throughout the life cycle of your projects, up to the resolution of claims or problems.

Our specific areas of expertise


Structural damage insurance for major projects
We support and secure our clients’ commitments on large-scale projects (construction amount over €20 M), whether they are commercial or industrial buildings, residential buildings, or complex structures.


Construction reinsurance

We work with reinsurers for significant projects, placed “off treaty”. To guarantee its reinsurance at maturity, we do not hesitate to involve the reinsurer very upstream of the work.


Insurance abroad

Chevreuse Courtage follows all its clients abroad, whether in North America (United States), the Middle East (particularly Qatar and the United Arab Emirates), or Asia (China, Vietnam, etc.): export liability coverage, IDI coverage, local policies, and more.

Nearly 20 years’ experience in the construction insurance sector

Do you want to benefit from sound advice on the complex technical market of construction insurance? Our teams are at your side to ensure perfect coverage of your risks under the best pricing conditions.

  • Performance bond
  • Performance guarantee
  • Business payment guarantee
  • Key person
  • Officer’s loss of employment
  • Liability of corporate officers
  • Supplementary retirement
  • Non-building professional liability (product liability, advice liability, maintenance, etc.)
  • Civil and ten-year liability of companies in construction and public works (corporate and ten-year liability, guarantees before and after acceptance, etc.)
  • Designer professional liability (architects, contractors, delegated project owners, design office, etc.)
  • Professional liability of developers, professional project owners, and assistant project owners
  • Construction all risks
  • Financial losses
  • Structural damage
  • Property developer guarantee
  • Group ten-year liability policy
  • Comprehensive building insurance
  • Unpaid rent insurance
  • Rental vacancy/non-payment deficiency
  • Borrower insurance