Closer to the interests of both you and your employees


Healthcare, protection, retirement… group insurance is constantly subject to more or less complex legislative changes, regularly impacts the framework of your coverages, requires updates as well as actions for targeted communication to your staff.


Entrusting the study and placement of your coverage to Chevreuse Courtage protects you from any risk with the URSSAF and/or industrial tribunals, while ensuring support for your employees.


Our offerings cover protection, employee healthcare, employee savings, supplementary pension plans, and more.

Employee healthcare


Faced with growing disengagement from social security and the recent regulatory developments establishing the generalization of healthcare coverage in businesses, acquiring supplemental group healthcare coverage presents increasing difficulties for decision-makers.


The financial consequences of an accident or illness are also real threats for employees. Signing up for a group supplemental protection plan that goes beyond the employer’s minimum obligations is a simple solution to protect the human capital of your business.


The solutions offered by Chevreuse Courtage allow you to protect your employees for the long term within an advantageous tax and social framework.

How can you supplement your retirement?

Employee Savings, PEE, PER (PERCOL, PERCAT, & PERIN)

Retirement is a major concern for French people and therefore for your employees. They are aware that the pay-as-you-go system is breaking down and the proportion of working age adults to retired people is decreasing.

Your company can implement collective solutions to help your employees build up a supplement to their pensions in fiscally advantageous conditions.


Employee Savings Plans

The corporate savings plan (PEE) and the retirement savings plan (PER) are optional or mandatory savings plans open to all employees. They help employees build up a supplement to their pensions.

The employee’s payments can be supplemented with a matching employer contribution from your company within the 25% annual social security limit (PASS). The investments made enjoy exemptions from social security contributions, income tax, and value added tax.

It should be noted that the PACTE law recently did away with the 20% “forfait social” employer contribution for employee savings (subject to conditions relating to the number of staff) for profit sharing (for companies < 250 employees), shareholding, and matching contributions (for companies < 50 employees).



The retirement savings plan (PER) is the new savings investment tool exclusively for saving for retirement. It has been in place since the PACTE law was adopted. Exclusively for retirement savings, it will replace other tools (namely, PERP, Madelin, PERCO, and Article 83, which will remain on the market until October 2020) starting October 2019. There will be three versions:

The individual retirement savings plan (PERIN) is replacing the popular retirement savings plan (PERP) and the Madelin contract. It is accessible to everyone through an individual subscription. It can take the form of an insurance contract or securities account.

For companies that have set up or hope to set up a collective savings plan, the group retirement savings plan (PERCOL) will replace the PERCO plan. A more effective plan tax-wise, it can be added to in multiple ways: profit sharing, shares, conversion of CET (time savings account) rights, unused days off, or voluntary transfers.

The PERCAT will replace the group life insurance with defined premiums called Article 83. It is aimed at certain categories of employees (management, non-management, etc.) and ensures a supplement to income in the form of an annuity funded all or in part by the company. There is mandatory payment vehicle for the subscribing company. As with Article 83, participation is mandatory and the premium amount is set when the plan is created. The employee also has the option to add voluntary payments.

These measures are often difficult to understand and optimize. Our specialists help you choose and set up the options that best meet your social policy objectives.

Since this type of collective solution helps create value for your company in the eyes of your teams and is an effective and sustainable management tool for Human Resources, our assistance is critical for you.