Chevreuse Courtage has built its name in its sector by developing expertise related to its core business. Thus, the firm advises its clients on the best products and services available and also carries out personalized audits for them. Moreover, it’s one of the only ones on the market that’s able to master specific issues in the field of construction insurance.

Audit and advice for tailor-made services.


Whatever your requirements for construction insurance or employee insurance and retirement plans may be, our teams leap into action to put together a personalized insurance plan according to your demands, expectations and vulnerabilities.


In 95% of cases, we carry out detailed audits of your problems or situation in order to draw up tailor-made specifications so that you can obtain the fairest quotes from insurers.

We strive to make our relationship last over time by keeping up with social, fiscal and regulatory news. When legislation changes, we can thus offer you adapted solutions and the best service and will be able to show you how to deal with difficult cases. Chevreuse Courtage brings together the insurance company’s requirements and the requirements or obligations of your business in a genuine active interface and carries out several tasks: construction auditing and follow-up, and claims management, whether these are construction claims and/or assistance damages, for our clients or on behalf of third parties.

Recognized special skills


Chevreuse has built a reputation in its sector by honing related skills which most companies in the construction insurance field have not quite mastered and which have become a specialty of our firm:

Building defects insurance for major projects (construction value > €15 million)

We work with you and secure your interests on any large-scale building site, whether the buildings are intended for commercial or industrial purposes, dwellings or building complexes.

Building defects and third-party liability of a non-builder developer

We broker framework agreements for developers with companies specializing in construction insurance. We harness professional qualities in order to present the most successful real estate development plan possible.

Construction reinsurance

We work with reinsurers for major building sites regarded as going beyond the scope of regular insurers. To ensure continuity of reinsurance, we make sure to involve the reinsurer well in advance of the start of work.

Photovoltaic insurance

As pioneers in the renewable energy sector, we have been specializing in photovoltaic insurance since 2005 and have developed our know-how in overall project follow-up (preparation of a risks/constraints analysis, followed by solutions in the form of insurance and bonds).

Claims management on behalf of third parties

Thanks to our subsidiary, Chevreuse Conseil, we take care of occasional requirements for claims management on behalf of third parties, whether for construction claims and/or damages. In both cases, the firm makes use of lawyers and experts who are specialized in the field in question, suggest a strategy (challenges, amicable or legal, putting together a technical file, etc.), attend expert meetings to defend client interests, and follow through the monitoring of negotiations between insurers and guarantee beneficiaries and check on the outcomes of these appeals.